Play The Piano, Online!

Want to make your dream of playing the piano come true? Well, now it is very much possible! Thanks to technology and the internet, you don’t have to travel anywhere, and all you need is a computer to learn the piano. We have compiled a few steps to help your dream come true. Let’s get on it.  

Step 1: Immerse in the Fundamentals

Listen to music. Sing the songs. Listen and watch others play. Be familiar with your piano. If you are yet to get one, then acquaint yourself with the virtual piano available online. You can also connect your keyboard to the piano software on your computer.  

Pick a simple song and observe its melody. The virtual piano often comes with many options and easier navigations to the tools of learning, thus ensuring strong fundamentals. 

Step 2: Dive Deep into the Music

The first step of how to play is what to play. Once you have a brief idea about the fundamentals of playing the piano, notch it up to learn the music’s grammar, i.e., the music theory. 

People may have different interests in music. Some may like to read the music, while others may want to learn the intricacies. In either case, it requires a lot of time and dedication.

Your virtual piano will help you in this course, but it is essential to know music theory. Take a song and observe its melody going up and down; learn the musical scales and notes like quarter notes, half notes, eighth notes, and sixteen notes. Having a good hold on this will help you to read sheet music. The virtual piano will also have some cool tricks to assist you in this.

A good grasp of the music theory lets you enjoy and live music. You can play what you have heard or create your tune if you have mastered the art. 

Step 3: Software Selection

Now it is time to go online and make a selection of software for your piano lessons. Several software are available online that you can choose according to your requirements. These software are designed according to the professional levels. From an amateur to a professional, anyone can use this software and play a virtual piano.  If you have a small electric piano or keyboard, you can simply connect it to your computer with an appropriate software interface. But if you are yet to get your musical instrument, you can play the virtual piano online.

Many software like Flowkey, Playground Sessions, Skoove, Pianoforall, etc., are available to start your piano practice sessions right away. 

Step 4: Explore the Chords

Musical chords are the essence of the piano. When played in conjecture, they produce different and beautiful sounds. Understand the basic chords and then move to the next step to play simple music pieces on different chords and scales. If you are a beginner, practice simple music before advancing to more complicated pieces. Gradually, as you learn the chord progressions like the circle of fifth, your music matures. As a beginner, you can start with the easy piano pieces and make progress and play more advanced songs.

Step 5: Practice

Isn’t it amazing that technology has availed easy ways to learn piano? Moreover, you can be versatile in your selection. From classical music to pop, you just have to upload on the virtual piano software, and you are ready to learn your favorite music on the piano! Be it virtual or real environment, if you want to play the piano, the most crucial point is to practice a lot. Practice with dedication and patience, and this will tune into beautiful and melodious results. 

Step 6: Keep Exploring

Learning can be different for different people. Some prefer learning theory and then practice, while others prefer to practice first. Unarguably, having a mentor to teach how to play the piano is a blessing. But thanks to technology, you can now interact with them online while learning. They facilitate you in your learning process with tips and techniques. Notably, this is fruitful only when you are disciplined about your sessions and practice. 

If you are a beginner, learning to play the piano online is a good start. And if you are a seasoned pianist, the online world has no ends.