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We’re a group of three friends that realized we all share a common love, no not for beer, but for software installation and e-commerce. We know, you might be thinking strange combo let us explain…

We research the web and give you the best updates regarding software installation and analysis, new and revolutionary price tracking tool for ecommerce and hopefully, a few laughs as well.

We always keep up with industry blogs that offer relevant information but we always had to mix and match the articles since they were not always from the same site. So we had a brilliant idea, let’s start writing what we know you’re looking for, right here, right now, in one place.

The online world is booming, can you really challenge that fact? We want you to read and hear about the latest software installers that will peak your interest. We know that our readers have most likely spent a lot of time and effort into creating software that they truly hope will change the way their users work and we’re happy to create an online space where you can share those stories with one another.

Learn about topics on how to enhance pricing on items from making cash from big data knowledge and analytics. Or, what are some great pricing techniques that online suppliers are now adopting? Do you know? Hint: If you don’t we discuss it in one post. It’s all right here.

If there are any topics you feel like we have not covered we’re happy to hear about it.

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