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How To Ensure That Your Service Desk Can Back BYOD Customers

Posted on May 23, 2014
Consumers are operating in a really various way in the globe of today, and that change is mainly owing to the BYOD (deliver your personal gadget) notion. The main concern introduced by this concept is that most service desks had been installed when consumers would arrive to work and use a Pc that was owned by the institution. If your service desk is an element of this group, alterations for BYOD users must be made if you want to preserve your service ranges up.

If you want to maintain your service desk help up to velocity, you need to initial search via the modifications made by the BYOD idea. The 3 main elements modified by BYOD are device selection, several hours labored by customers and the location from which they are functioning. Offering remote access, altering service instances and increasing availability of devices are the ideal countermeasures to deal with individuals 3 modifications.

Accessing the service desk remotely

Making your service desk accessible via the web is the first phase you want to consider so you can meet up with the needs of BYOD customers. It is not that hard to open up up your service desk to the web, as most service desk applications are net-based. Probably the greatest answer would be to transfer your service desk on a Cloud program, and that ought to not be a problem if the software seller offers Cloud help.

If you are not open to the thought of the Cloud, you still really don't have to worry, as your community technicians would make easy money out of producing the service desk use a community IP deal with. But what you want to keep in mind is that the method will want extensive screening just before you make it available and you also have to consider including a bit of security. IT helpdesk.

Creating sure the method operates with any gadget

HTML 5 will be the answer to your device availability difficulties, as most units used by BYOD customers will undoubtedly support it. If the portal of your service desk is capable to use HTML five, all your gadget availability difficulties will be solved, if not, you will require to consider modifying the self-service portal.

Using treatment of the time element

As your consumers probably appear from about the globe, you require to be aware that your service must supply much more than just regular help several hours. And don’t even feel about merely prolonging your help hours, as you will have to spend an incredible sum of money on new support techs and we are nevertheless residing in times of austerity.

Most likely the best answer is to make sure that your service desk has enough automated features that it can offer 24/seven help with out the need of 24/seven supervision. Now you know which are the easiest and most productive options for modernizing your service desk to BYOD standards.
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