New rule released by Chinese government: No installation of any application by cellular manufacturers allowed

A few months ago, a rule by the title of Notice on Strengthening the Administration of Networked Smart Mobile Devices was introduced in China by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The notice is due to become effective from next year onwards and is awaiting public comment. installCore.

While the latest version of this notice is almost the same as the original, there are some differences that are quiet notable. The most important difference is that today, the notice is applicable on manufacturers that file an application with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for licenses for network access in smart mobile with inbuilt networking devices, whereas the original required the notice to be applicable even on individual who purchased these devices from manufacturers.

This is to ensure that no software is pre installed, that enable manufacturers to modify or even collect personal information without informing and receiving consent from the users, and bring to life communication functions that could have negative effects such as network interruption, collection of information, fee loss and flow if network information; Will impact communication networks operation that is safe, carries any information that is illegal or threatens the security of user information or network security.

Now, in case there are changes made by way of adding pre installed software or changes are made to the operating system that have effects on security environment required for network access testing, this should be reported to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The timing may not be that great for manufacturers who have simply jumped in to this industry with high hopes for smartphones. However, there has been great proof of the damage that pre installed software on mobile devices can do, it has attracted a lot of attention and risks have been highlighted such as disclosure of personal information.

Two of the leading internet providers in China have provided a host of pre installed applications and security features, however, we are to still learn if they are safe.

While it is good news and a step forward in the data protecting legal regime of China, it is bound to be an expensive affair for manufacturers to tweak their sales and technical strategy to be in line with the notice.